Thursday, March 22, 2007

Of course I'm Pat!

After some thought, I realize some show of authenticity is in order. As much as I'd like to oblige with a scanned photo, I don't feel comfortable with that at this point. However, here is a copy of my profile at the James Randi Educational Forum:

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That should settle any lingering questions.


Nyke said...

So, you've copy-pasted something can easily be found or otherwise reconstructed, and this is supposed to be some proof that you're the Pat from SLC.

Yeah, pull the other one.

default.xbe said...

i see you removed the network with brainster link that proved you are really JJordan from JREF

Pat said...

i see you removed the network with brainster link that proved you are really JJordan from JREF

If you say so.

Since that's the case, I expect JJordan has been banned from JREF, immediately after your alledged discovery and your notification of the moderators.

Poor JJordan. Another person banned from JREF because of a "debunker"'s witch-hunt. Sorry, guy(or gal), you were just another casualty of the "debunking" hysteria I abandoned.

At least I can thank you for not calling me "Jenny". Now, default.xbe, do you realize you are acting like a twoofer, making the facts fit your preconcieved belief?

default.xbe said...

no, i dont think jjordan has been banned, but it does raise the question as to why you posted a link that was generated while signed in as JJordan, if you are pat why werent you signed in as Brainster? then why remove it later?

Pat said...


We only have your word that any of this is true. I don't recall removing these alledged links. I did clean up some extraneous text I noticed one day. Is that what you're refering to?

It's strange you are discussing this on my new blog instead of with the JREF administration. They have the means(and the technology) to resolve this alledged issue beyond reasonable doubt. Many times have we told the twoofers JREF tolerates no funny business. So, in your place, I'd discuss this with administration. Have you?

If not, you invite speculation you are trying to undermine my goal of exposing the dishonest debunker tactics that are starting to give twoofers validity in the public's perception. Is that what you want?

YIH said...

So ''Pat'' where do you live?
Do you listen to talk radio shows?
If so, which ones?
Do you participat in online chats?
If so, which ones?
And because of that old SNL skit, are you male or female?

Sword of Truth said...

Google/Blogger falls outside of the JREF mods jurisdiction.

You could be impersonating James Randi himself here. But as long as you behave yourself in thier domain, they can't lay a finger on you.

It's a simple concept that I shouldn't have to explain to you.

Pat said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Civilized Worm said...

If you are Pat why don't you confirm it on JREF?

If you are Pat, who is the Pat who still posts on SLC using your old account?